May 21, 2024

KUALA LUMPUR – Directed by Herman Yau and starring a great assemble of Hong Kong casts Louis Koo, Julian Cheung, Francis Ng, Myolie Wu and Chrissie Chau with special appearances by Charmaine Sheh and many more, the new crime action suspense movie Death Notice  will be released in Malaysia on 18th August simultaneously with China, Hong Kong and Macau! 

Death Notice  is adapted from the original novel of the same name “Death Notice” by famous suspense writer Zhou Haohui is a detective thriller and deadly game of cat- and-mouse. In the story, Darker, a mysterious killer who calls himself a “judge”, is behind several murders that caused a sensation in the city. All those who received the “Death Notice” will be brutally killed according to the date stated in the notice. Detective Luo Fei (Julian Cheung) with the only witness, disfigured witness (Louis Koo) and the task force head (Francis Ng) to joined in the game together to find out who is Darker! 

Due to the pandemic, the release date for Death Notice  has been postponed repeatedly. Finally Death Notice  release date is confirmed together with the reveal of official poster, trailer and movie stills at the same time, to the joy of the fans and everyone is so look forward to it! 

Julian Cheung plays the criminal psychology genius Detective, and Francis Ng is the head of the Special Operations task force. The two meets because of a mysterious man called “Darker” as a battle of wits – between police and vigilante in a cat and mouse game. In the movie Julian Cheung’s character as the intelligent detective confronts Francis Ng when he was brought in to investigate the ‘Darker’ cases. Both characters clashed from the beginning as they have very different approach to finding ‘Darker’ but soon release they have the same goal to bring “Darker” to justice. 

With Director Herman Yau on board in a crime action movie, you can be assured that there will be many action scenes in the film. From the aerial scene of Julian Cheung running on the rooftop to warehouse shootout scenes, director takes you through ambushed, drowning, kidnapping, on top of car chases, and explosions in underground tunnels and is a full sensory journey where all the characters are inextricably linked. 

Director Herman Yau has collaborated with the three leading actors many times in the past, and everyone is already very familiar with each other. This time as they once again work together but at very different characters you can see the great chemistry on screen. Most importantly the casts are familiar with Director Herman Yau’s work ethnics and style. Coupled with his experience, all rounded knowledge and time management makes the casts feel at ease and happy and hence a very smooth production for Death Notice .

Almost unrecognisable Louis Koo disfigured appearance Julian Cheung’s stamina running up 10 stories of stairs! 

Another main highlight for the movie is Louis Koo’s shocking appearance in the film as a disfigured crippled character. He plays the bombing survivor, who was severely burned by the bombing planned by “Darker” 10 years ago, resulting in disfigurement and crippled. This time Louis Koo’s “disfigured look” is so different from his usual handsome image that even Francis Ng could not recognize him. Director Herman Yau feels that Louis Koo’s character appearance in the movie will be good surprise for the audience. “This time, Louis Koo sacrificed for art. It’s because the character brings something new that really appeals to him.” 

On the other hand, Julian Cheung in the film is a genius with a very high IQ in the police force. For Director Herman Yau, off-screen Julian is someone who enjoys intellectual mind games on top of being a logical and rational actor. Whereas for the talented.

Francis Ng’s performance is convincing as a very capable and somewhat flawed person keep the audience guessing his true character. 

In the movie as a law enforcer to take down ‘Darker’, Julian Cheung of course has many action scenes. One of the scenes is that he had to run 10 storeys of stairs to rush top to catch a suspect. With the narrow stairs and different angle shoots, Julian had to run many storeys for the scene that fits the film theme as “It is a race against time to catch the suspect.” 

Actress Myolie Wu’s participation in film is another great addition. In the film, Myolie played Julian’s fiancée This is the first time Julian Cheung and Myolie Wu collaborate on the big screen despite their successful collaboration on drama such as “Triumph in the Sky II”. “Without revealing too much about the film my challenge in the movie is NOT physical but ore on the ‘conversation’ and dialogue between my character and Julian Cheung’s character that can be very taxing”. Julian compliments on Myolie’s great attitude and commitment and professional on delivering her character. “The dialogue, it won’t be difficult for her as her memory is so good.” 

Julian Cheung jokingly uses animal characteristics in reference to his two on screen partners – Louis Koo and Francis Ng. “Louis Koo’s character is like a black panther, as he is tanned and has a very murderous ‘killer’ look. As for Francis Ng, he is like a cat, usually lazy, but has sudden explosive of power. As for my character he is “the genius” as an intuitive detective with a high IQ. 

Directed by Herman Yau and starring an incredible assemble of Hong Kong casts Louis Koo, Julian Cheung, Francis Ng, Myolie Wu and Chrissie Chau with special appearances by Charmaine Sheh, Ray Lui, Simon Yam, Philip Keung, Baby John Choi and Danny Chan and so many more. Fans of Hong Kong movies and crime action movie, you must watch Death Notice  brought to you by Malaysia Distributor Lotus Five Star with marketing partner Infinity Entertainment Marketing, when it hits cinemas in Malaysia on 18th Aug 2023.