May 22, 2024

The Hong Kong cop action movie Endless Battle revolves around a pair of brothers. The younger brother Kin Shing (played by Bosco Wong) is the leader of the drug syndicate, code-named “Black Wolf”, while the older brother Kin Chung (played by Michael Tse) is a member of the Narcotics Division. At the same time, he was involved in a fight against drug lords and it is this investigation that the elder brother discovered that the younger brother had another identity. The two started a confrontation between good and evil for their respective goals.

Directed by Mak Ho Pong and produced by Virginia Lok, Endless Battle is a Hong Kong cop action movie, starring Bosco Wong, Michael Tse, Joel Chan, Cheung Kwok Keung, Alice Chan, Sisley Choi and many more. The production cost of this movie is as high as 8 figures due to the many dangerous scenes in the movie, there are a lot of action scenes and explosive chases, which makes the shooting more challenging and difficult.

Bosco Wong and Michael Tse once again collaborated in this movie Endless Battle after 11 years since the ‘Laughing Gor’. There are a lot of action, gun battles and explosions in the movie. There are rumours that Michael’s salary in Endless Battle is very high but Michael counters and said that Bosco has the most action scenes in the film, so his salary is naturally the highest!

For the production of Endless Battle, there was insurance coverage for Bosco Wong costing tens of millions HKD. Bosco revealed that he was hit on the head by an aerial camera on the set, which scared everyone on the set. Fortunately, the propeller didn’t cause any serious injury to his face.

Joel Chan played the villain in Endless Battle this time. Joel Chan said that it has been a long time since he played a villain, and he has not worked with Bosco Wong and Michael Tse for more than ten years. In the movie, the three of them will have a lot of rivalry and fighting scenes and hope the audience can see the great chemistry in the big screen!

Director Mak Ho Pong’s Note

The theme of police and triad has always been a very important film genre in Hong Kong movies, and the plot of “undercover agent” is also an important element in this type of film. There are countless related classics, such as ‘Man on The Brink’, ‘City on Fire’ and ‘Infernal Affairs and so on. In Endless Battle in addition to the undercover theme, the “real brothers” setting adds to the internal conflict of the character of the undercover policeman Kin-Shing. Besides not being able to reveal his identity as a police officer to those around him, he has to play the role of a gangster in front of his older brother. He also cannot reveal that his mission is to fulfil his father’s wishes by taking down the criminal group led by Dragon Kwan. Endless Battle attempts to combine the two major elements of Hong Kong film, “undercover agent” and “brotherhood,” to create a greater dramatic effect and to produce a crime film with a unique Hong Kong flavor.

Endless Battle brought to you by Malaysia Rights Holder and Distributor Lotus Five Star with marketing partner Infinity Entertainment Marketing, when it hits cinemas in Malaysia on 4th August 2023.