March 2, 2024

KUALA LUMPUR – Riding on the success of Hong Kong’s all-time box office No.1
comedy, Table for Six is back with the sequel, Table for Six 2 and is set to premiere in Malaysia on the first day of Chinese New Year, 10th February 2024. There will also be a special sneak preview on Chinese New Year’s Eve, 9th February, marking 2024’s first joyous celebration. The movie is distributed by Lotus Five Star and helmed by director Sunny Chan. Alongside original cast members like Stephy Tang, Louis Cheung, Ivana Wong, Lin Min Chen, and Peter Chan Charm Man, the sequel welcomes new additions amongst them are Tse Kwan Ho, Jeffery Ngai, Ho Kai Wa, Tseung Chi Kwong and many more. The ensemble promises a star-studded performance.

In this sequel, Stephy Tang’s character Monica is stepping into marital bliss. Tse Kwan Ho plays the
wealthy Uncle Six, investing heavily in Monica and Bernard’s wedding. Tse designs a unique “Fish Wing Angel” outfit for Monica, sparking interesting discussions. The fun doesn’t stop there; both Tse Kwan Ho and Uncle Seven (Tseung Chi Kwong) can’t resist donning the “Fish Wing King” costume, adding to the hilarious excitement.

Whereas Ivana’s character captivates with her grand appearance adorned with lavish gold accessories. Behind this is an effort by her family to ensure her marriage is grand, matching the expectations of Lung Chan and another character, leading to an elaborate wedding preparation.

The film showcases a mix of styles and themes to clearly match the characters. For instance, Peter
Chan playing a gamer, and Ivana’s character as a chef, form a “Golden Couple” with matching outfits, a nod to Japanese anime. Meanwhile, Monica’s character, as the “The Corpse’s Bride,” faces challenges during filming due to the windy weather. Despite the challenges, she remains committed to delivering a compelling performance.

The official poster showcases the eight main characters, exuding happiness and festive vibes with glowing and smiling expressions. With this 2024 Chinese New Year, audiences can anticipate a joyous and hilarious reunion with Table for Six 2.

Table for Six 2 is brought to you by Malaysia Distributor Lotus Five Star with marketing partner Infinity Entertainment Marketing. A must watch reunion Hong Kong comedy movie when the movie is release on first day of Chinese New Year, 10th February 2024, with special sneak shows on 9th February.

Synopsis of Table for Six 2

Belief in our own blessings can bring us good fortune, but what is true fortune? Fortune and
misfortune, love and hate, what are their ultimate definitions? One family, three couples, three
weddings. After they decide to move on, what further challenges await them. Marriage isn’t just about two individuals; it involves a whole family of aunts, uncles, and cousins. Director Sunny Chan, with his unique sense of humour, once again dives into the complex dynamics
of modern society’s men and women, families, and romance.