April 20, 2024

In conjunction with HERSTORY’s Women’s Health and Wellness Day on the 3rd of March, the charity organization HERSTORY will host an inspirational performance of the theme song “Herstory”, featuring Olympic silver medalist Goh Liu Ying and diving world champion Cheong Jun Hoong, along with singer Nicole Lai and actress Mawar Rashid. Athletes M. Thinaah and Tan Cheong Min will also join the movement in promoting the importance of women’s health and wellness. 

The charity single titled “Herstory” advocates HERSTORY’s spirit of “LOVE, CARE, SPEAK”. Combining English, Chinese, and Malay, the song was produced by Keon Chia, a Golden Melody Award and Golden Horse Award winner. 

Goh Liu Ying and Cheong Jun Hoong, both former athletes, hope to advocate for women’s health and wellness through this song. Goh Liu Ying expressed, “I actually quite like singing, but singing in the recording studio is a different experience. Fortunately, the producer Keon didn’t put too much pressure on us and patiently guided us. I’m eagerly anticipating the final version of “Herstory” because, to me, it’s a very powerful and meaningful song.”

Cheong Jun Hoong, with a smile, added, “Singing is a new adventure for me, so I approached this process with a playful attitude. Perhaps because I’m not a professional singer, so there’s minimal pressure on whether I sing well or not.” She further noted that “Herstory” is both catchy and heartfelt, and she sincerely hopes that it resonates with everyone.

Furthermore, both the singer Nicole Lai and actress Mawar Rashid, who participated in singing this charity song, expressed their delight in the smooth and enjoyable recording process. They are also pleased to be a part of a song that advocates for women’s health, hoping it will instill more confidence and strength in women.

In line with HERSTORY’s slogan “LOVE, CARE, SPEAK”, to promote self-love, self-exploration, and women’s health and wellness without reservation, the HERSTORY FITFEST x GLY 3V3 BADMINTON TOURNAMENT is set to take place at Sports Hub in Austin Heights, JB on the 2nd and 3rd of March. Beyond registering for the 3v3 badminton tournament, attendees can immerse themselves in a diverse program, delving into topics related to women’s care and advocating for the well-being of women.

The registration period for HERSTORY FITFEST x GLY 3V3 BADMINTON TOURNAMENT is from January 25th to February 25th. The total prize money for the tournament exceeds RM10,000, and the winner in each category will bring home RM2,000, with the runners-up earning RM1,000 and the third-place finishers securing RM300, alongside medals and certificates.