February 24, 2024

60 years in the movie industry finally able to shed light into the ‘stuntman’ world 68 years old Jackie Chan promised, “As long as I can still move, still fight, I will continue to act in movies”

KUALA LUMPUR – RIDE ON is brought to you by Malaysia Distribution Rights Holder, Shanghai Pictures Sdn. Bhd., and distributed in Malaysia by Lotus Five Star with marketing partner Infinity Entertainment Marketing. At the recent RIDE ON Beijing World Premiere with appearances by Writer and Director Larry Yang, Jackie Chan was joined by Kevin Guo, Liu Haocunand others. The movie RIDE ON pays homage to international movie star, Jackie Chan for his 60 years of contribution in the entertainment movie industry. Jackie Chan vowed that, “As long as I can still move, am still able to fight, I will continue to act in movies. This is my way to show my love and appreciation to all my fans worldwide for their support all these years.”

World Premiere with casts

In this heartwarming action comedy movie RIDE ON Jackie Chan played a washed-out stuntman Luo and his trusty horse, ‘Red Hare’. Luo reached out to estranged daughter Bao (Liu Haocun) and her boyfriend Mickey (Kevin Guo) for help when a mounting debt and legal issue threatened ‘Red Hare’ and their livelihood. Stuntman Luo is not the only character that Jackie Chan played in the movie. There are scenes in the movie that reflects the ‘stuntman spirit’ including numerous iconic characters from past Jackie Chan movies that Writer and Director Larry Yang had included as homage to the International Global Icon Jackie Chan.

Director and Writer Larry Yang with Jackie Chan

Director Larry Yang “I have always been a fan of Jackie Chan and it is my lifetime dream of being able to work with Jackie Chan in a movie. After watching a documentary about “Stuntmen”, I wrote this story and pitch the story directly to Jackie Chan. Jackie Chan added, “At the beginning I was being courteous, but I didn’t expect him to come to me again after 5 days with the story. Some part of his story made me cry, and for me, to be able to show the world the ‘stuntman spirit’, meant I had to be a part of it!”

Jackie Chan vowed not to stop and will continue to work hard

Jackie Chan is famous for performing his action scene for movies, even almost at the age of 70, he performs his own stunts. Jackie Chan joined the entertainmentindustry at the age of 8. He started out as a stuntman, so he is very familiar with the world of ‘stuntmen’. “We were very miserable at that time. It was only 5 yuan a day. We were first on the set and told to perform dangerous stunts (back in the days where there were hardly any safety measures taken). We were scolded all the time and sometimes wronged to the point of tears, but I won’t be let it bring me down.” He added, “One time I broke my leg in the morning and had to start work at night. I tried to continue filming even being in a wheelchair. It wasn’t for money. When you ask me now why? We were born to be in the entertainment industry and because someone has to do it.”

Jackie Chan as Luo

As time passes and the development in the film industry, the ‘stunts and stuntman’ perform are so different nowadays. Jackie Chan admitted, “To be honest, our era has passed. A generation of actors will not let you fight. Once the protagonist is injured, the entire crew will stop, but our spirit of daring to fight and fight will be preserved. The stuntman spirit needs protection.”

And Jackie Chan, who has been a fighter all his life, this year, is also his 60th year in the industry. When asked how long he will continue to ‘fight’, he declared, “This year is my 60th year in the industry. From being an unknown figure to now, I have garnered the support of fans all over the world. As long as I can move and fight, I hope to make a movie every year for my audience and fans all over the world.”

Jackie Chan with Malaysia Distribution Rights Holder Shanghai Pictures Dr. Vijay Pillai and Dato’ Thai

During the exclusive junket session with Malaysia entourage, Jackie Chan received a surprised birthday cake especially prepared by Malaysia Distribution Rights Holder Shanghai Pictures representatives Dr. Vijay Pillaiand Dato’ Thai, as an early birthday wish to Jackie Chan (his birthday falls on 7th April) as well as wish good box office collection for RIDE ON. Jackie Chan responded in kind, “Thank you Malaysia fans and hope to see you all soon in Malaysia”.

Liu Haocun broke into tears to thank Jackie Chan for the opportunity to share the big screen with him

Actress Liu Haocun, plays Jackie Chan’s daughter in the film and her character Bao reunites with her father Luowho has not seen her for many years. In the movie Baostruggles to reconnect with her father but along the way she slowly understands her father’s struggles and hardship. In one scene, she was crying while watching a play back scene of Luo/Jackie Chan past classic action scenes that was especially distressing. When she shared the details of working with Jackie Chan at the Beijing World Premiere, she was deeply touched by Jackie Chan’s kindness on set and couldn’t help crying. She even bowed to thank the director and Jackie Chan, where Jackie Chan stepped forward to give her a hug and encouragement.

Liu Haocun as Bao

Jackie Chan also mentioned that in one of the emotionalscenes in the movie, due to the surrounding environment, it was impossible to concentrate on cultivating the necessary emotions. It was then that Liu Haocun walk up to him to help him into the mood/character needed for the scene. “Immediately I was touched and overwhelmed that the tears started flowing. She is really sensible and helpful, thank you very much for helping me bring my character into the scene.”

Future Son-in-law Kevin Guo forced to practice martial arts again

Kevin Guo (son of famous crosstalk artist, Guo Degang)who became popular with the popular dramas “Joy of Life” and “My Heroic Husband”, has always been known as the “National Son-in-law”. This time he plays Liu Haocun’s boyfriend in the film and is also Jackie Chan’s “future son-in-law”. He said with a smile that he didn’t need to work hard to play a lawyer. But he shared thatthe first time he met Jackie Chan in the studio, Jackie Chan threw an ashtray for him to catch, to train his reaction ability.

Kevin Guo as Mickey

In the film, there are several scenes in which the “future father-in-law” forced him to practice martial arts. In a particular scene of Kevin performing the horse stance in the movie had audiences burst into laughter. Kevinrecreated this horse stance during the Beijing World Premiere which Jackie Chan also joined in. When ask if now Kevin will consider pursuing action/martial arts role, he jokingly added “For this movie I nearly ‘killed myself’ practising martial arts. For now think it is best I stick back to cross talking”.

RIDE ON directed and written by Larry Yang and starring Jackie Chan, Liu Haocun, Kevin Guo (son of famous crosstalk artist, Guo Degang) features other star appearances including Wu Jing, Andy On, Joey Yung and many more. RIDE ON is by Malaysia Distribution Rights Holder, Shanghai Pictures Sdn. Bhd., and distributed in Malaysia by Lotus Five Star with marketing partner Infinity Entertainment Marketing andwill be in cinemas nationwide on 13th April 2023. RIDE ON will be released in Malaysia in 2 versions – in Cantonese and with limited released in Mandarin.

Ride On (Official Trailer)