June 12, 2024

KUALA LUMPUR – Get ready for a rollicking good time as the Chan family steps into a new chapter in life in TABLE FOR SIX 2. Starring Stephy Tang, who’s getting an earful from the lively Chan uncles, and with Louis Cheung Kai Chung, Ivana Wong, Lin Min Chen, Peter Chan Charm Man, and Jeffery Ngai, the movie promises to unravel a delightful web of relationships. Even cousin DEE can’t help but exclaim, “This family is a menace!”

The auspicious comedy, following in the footsteps of the record-breaking Hong Kong hit TABLE FOR SIX 2, is set to be released on the first day of the Chinese New Year, with special sneak shows on Chinese New Year’s Eve. It’s the first joyous event ushering in Chinese New Year 2024 with family and friends that you won’t want to miss!

In the latest character posters, the familiar faces of Monica (played by Stephy Tang), the groom Bernard (played by Louis Cheung Kai Chung), culinary queen Josephine (played by Ivana Wong), sassy Meow (played by Lin Min Chen), and esports king Lung (played by Peter Chan Charm Man) are joined by new family members – the extravagant Uncle Six (played by Tse Kwan Ho), heartthrob Mark Gor (played by Jeffery Ngai), and the entertainment wizard Hugh (played by Ho Kai Wa).

The newest teaser reveals the characters grappling with their own doubts and troubles, showcasing their growth. Monica and Bernard’s relationship seems ready for marriage, but Bernard jokes, “I’m ready; maybe my fiancée Monica isn’t.” Monica adds, “This guy symbolizes my fear of marriage.” Add in opinions from other relatives, including Uncle Six (played by Tse Kwan Ho), who can be seen exploding in anger in the trailer, calling Monica “fickle-minded!” causing a family uproar.

Josephine, played by Ivana Wong, and Lung, played by Peter Chan Charm Man, also appear to be heading towards marriage, but their relationship hits a rough patch. Meanwhile, Meow is questioned about a possible romance with Sam due to their work relationship, leading her to cryptically admit, “I have a thing with Ah Lung.” The plot thickens with the introduction of Jeffrey Ngai, who plays the handsome star Mark Gor, a secret fan of Meow. However, the twist is that Mark Gor is not a charming character in real life, leaving Meow startled. Will Meow accept Mark Gor’s pursuit and become her 20th boyfriend? The complex relationships promise an entertaining ride, leaving cousin Dee to aptly label them as “chaotic.”

TABLE FOR SIX 2 is brought to you by Malaysia Distributor Lotus Five Star with marketing partner Infinity Entertainment Marketing. A must-watch reunion Hong Kong comedy sequel to be released on the first day of Chinese New Year, 10th February 2024, with special sneak shows on 9th February.

Belief in our own blessings can bring us good fortune, but what is true fortune? Fortune and misfortune, love and hate, what are their ultimate definitions? One family, three couples, three weddings. After they decide to move on, what further challenges await them? Marriage isn’t just about two individuals; it involves a whole family of aunts, uncles, and cousins. Director Sunny Chan, with his unique sense of humour, once again dives into the complex dynamics of modern society’s men and women, families, and romance.