May 18, 2024

KUALA LUMPUR – Malaysia Distributor Lotus Five Star with marketing partner Infinity Entertainment Marketing, announces the release of Hong Kong’s dark anthology series, Tales From The Occult: Body And Soul

The Tales From The Occult anthology is a series of 9 different stories by 9 directors each bringing to the screen the deepest and darkest stories in a movie trilogy with the latest Tales From The Occult: Body And Soul. The latest of the series, focusing on the extreme dark and complex human behaviour where curses, passion and obsession blurred the lines between wrong and right.

Combining inspiration from urban legends, folklores and fairy tales, Tales From The Occult: Body And Soul keeps you on the edge with three terrifying stories, a twisted take on Rapunzel, Cheshire Cat and Tooth fairy that will be take you on a petrifying journey from the hair salon, prison/cage and dental clinic.

For brave movie goers whom are fans of slasher, horror, suspense and thriller movie, don’t miss Tales From The Occult: Body And Soul brought to you by Malaysia Distributor Lotus Five Star with marketing partner Infinity Entertainment Marketing, when it hits cinemas in Malaysia on 27th July 2023.  

Tales From The Occult: Body And Soul brief movie information: 

Rapunzel  A close shave 

Director: Frank Hui
Starring: Michelle Wai, Wong You Nam
Has-been idol Maggie (Michelle Wai) had her career breakthrough with a famous advertisement featuring her hair. Though her career has waned considerably, a rare invitation to a movie audition sparks her longing for a comeback. The night before the audition, Maggie’s hair is burnt in a prank at a private party. To ensure that her damaged hair doesn’t prevent her path back to stardom, Maggie finds a hair salon in the middle of the night. The stylist (Wong You Nam) seems to be particular insightful about haircare, but little does Maggie know that this will become the darkest night of her life. 

Cheshire Cat A hunt for cat abuser turns lethal 

Director: Daniel Chan
Starring: Cecilia Choi, Kevin Chu, Tony Wu
Featuring: ANSONBEAN
A string of cat abuses shocks the city. Animal protection volunteers Nora (Cecilia Choi) and Aaron (ANSONBEAN) not only run a home for stray cats; they also go out and save them from the streets. One day, Johnnie (Kevin Chu), a man who tracks cat abusers, tells them about rumours of infamous cat abuser “Cat’s Eye” frequenting an abandoned wasteland where cat limbs have been found. The three ventures into the wasteland in the night, only to realize that the cat abuser’s next target isn’t a cat… 

Tooth fairy  A murder in silence 

Director: Doris Wong
Starring: Karena Lam Ka Yan, Lau Chun Him Terrance, Chu Hong
Dental nurse Sammi (Karena Lam Ka Yan) bumped into chef Hin (Lau Chun Him Terrance) after an incident on the street. When Hin goes to the clinic where Sammi works for an examination, dentist Steve (Chu Hong), who harbours a crush on Sammi, tortures Hin. When Sammi goes to check on Hin, he shows signs of mental instability. The next day, Steve is found dead in the clinic, and Hin immediately becomes the prime suspect…