March 2, 2024

KUALA LUMPUR – The director, screenwriter, and actor Marc Ma, along with stars Nick Cheung, Ethan Juan, and Talu Wang, participated in a transcontinental virtual interview with Malaysia media to share insights about their decade-long labour of love for their latest upcoming movie, WOLF HIDING. The camaraderie among the main cast was palpable as they described their collaboration as “a blissful journey.” However, behind the scenes of this action-packed crime thriller, even the seasoned actors found themselves in awe, jokingly referring to director Marc Ma as the “deceptive newcomer.”

The crime action-packed film, WOLF HIDING, delves into a dark and gritty reality, aiming not only to portray the extremes and passion of its characters but also to raise awareness about personal safety and instil the courage to resist the ‘darkness’. Director Marc Ma revealed that the film was inspired by real and unjust dark cases, where powerless victims faced an uncertain future under the rule of local criminal forces, and he then channelled the anger he felt into the film.

After meticulous planning for a decade, Marc Ma successfully gathered two leading actors, Nick
Cheung and Ethan Juan, along with Talu Wang, onto the project. They had to break through various challenges during the pandemic to bring WOLF HIDING to fruition. Nick Cheung expressed gratitude for the refreshing collaboration, highlighting the shared commitment and understanding among the casts. Ethan Juan praised Marc Ma for seamlessly transitioning from acting to directing, commending his clear and smooth execution of ideas throughout the film, contrary to the expectations of a newcomer director.

WOLF HIDING unfolds the story of the powerful Hong Tai Group, embroiled in a power struggle
between law and crime. Amid the transfer of power at the Hong Tai Group, which wields influence in both lawful and unlawful worlds, a mysterious assassin named Chen An suddenly enters this vortex of confusion and throws the Hong Tai Group into chaos. Mai Longwen from the police and Ma Wenkang from the gangs both have their eyes on him… Various forces are waiting for the opportunity to strike. Who is the mastermind behind the scenes? A fierce battle is about to break out.

The movie features numerous close-quarter combat scenes and knife fights, challenging even the experienced trained actors. Ethan Juan shared his excitement and anxiety about a scene where he had to kick Nick Cheung in the face, revealing the behind-the-scenes contemplation to ensure a safe yet impactful performance. He jokingly recounted calling his mom to share, “I just kicked Nick Cheung!” Talu Wang, a long-time acquaintance of Marc Ma, expressed his thrill at joining the project without reading the script, confident that working with two seasoned actors was compelling reason enough.

WOLF HIDING is poised to be the explosive year-end action-packed spectacle. In addition to the
leading actors, Nick Cheung, Ethan Juan, and Talu Wang, the movie features a strong supporting cast, including Danny Chan Kwok Kwan, Marc Ma, Lawrence Ng Kai Wah, Paul Chun, Adrien Lin, Philip Keung, and many more. All these talents contributed to WOLF HIDING’s visually striking violent aesthetics and promise to provide audiences with a profound experience, delving into the strong brotherhood bonds and family ties beneath the hardened exteriors of the characters.

WOLF HIDING is brought to you by Malaysia Distributor Lotus Five Star with marketing
partner Infinity Entertainment Marketing. Be prepared for an action-packed, dark crime thriller when WOLF HIDING hits cinema screens in Malaysia on 21st December 2023, with special sneak shows on 20th December. Mark your calendars for an adrenaline high experience to witness the ultimate showdown!