April 21, 2024

KUALA LUMPUR – Malaysia Distributor Lotus Five Star, announces the release of upcoming Chinese movie WOLF HIDING (怒潮). WOLF HIDING directed by Marc Ma and starring Nick Cheung, Ethan Juan, and Talu Wang, is set to be the thrilling crime action film of the year. Brace yourself for a rollercoaster ride when a mysterious assassin, Chen An (Nick Cheung), disrupts the Hong Tai Group’s power during their leadership transition. With both the police force, Officer Mai Longwen (Ethan Juan) and the underworld member Ma Wenkang, (Talu Wang) hot on his trail, the chaos ensues.

Get ready for the ultimate showdown that tore down old rules and sets the stage for a new order. This movie promises to be a visually and audibly exhilarating experience, with acclaimed actors – Nick Cheung, Ethan Juan, and Talu Wang delivering intense performances. The collaboration between these stellar actors and Director Marc Ma guarantees an authentic dark crime action film.

WOLF HIDING using weapons that ignite fiery passion, creating a brand-new canvas for violence. The dark crime action film promises an intense and unforgettable viewing experience.

The first teaser poster for WOLF HIDING featuring suited thugs armed with weapons, coupled with the tagline “This revenge will be settled before the year ends,” hints at an impending epic battle. Accompanied by the teaser trailer that unleashes dazzling action sequences and tension-filled scenes, setting the stage for a ferocious and thrilling ride. From the intense hand-to-hand raw energy combat to bloody blade fights, where every punch resonates to immerse viewers where one uses darkness to fight darkness.

Director Marc Ma, with over a decade of experience in crime action films, makes his directorial debut by showcasing his mastery in handling adrenaline-pumping fight scenes while incorporating a thoughtful reflection on real-life issues. The teaser and character posters reveal the complexity of the relationships among the characters, adding drama and suspense to the story. As a director making his debut transition from acting, Marc Ma made a compelling choice for WOLF HIDING as his first directorial venture. With a rich background in diverse film genres, including notable roles in crime action films as a portrayal of antagonists that left a lasting impression on audiences, he brings a wealth of experience to the director’s chair.

Featuring a powerhouse casts of Nick Cheung, Ethan Juan, and Talu Wang in their first-ever collaboration, alongside other calibre actors like Danny Chan Kwok Kwan, Lawrence Ng Kai Wah, Paul Chun and many more, each character plays a crucial role in unfolding the story. The collective talent of these actors elevates the film’s quality, leaving audiences eagerly anticipating the movie release.

While the actors captivate audiences on screen, the behind-the-scenes is also an incredible team, including Director Marc Ma (who is also as one of the scriptwriters and cast), cinematographer Chan Chi-ying (Saving General Yang, Firestorm, Detective Dee and the Phantom Flame), editor Eric Kwong Chi-leung (Overheard, Cold War, Firestorm), and costume designer Crystal Pa (Skiptrace, The New King of Comedy), contributes to the film’s texture and depth. Their past successes and expertise ensure that WOLF HIDING is not just a hard-hitting action film but a cinematic masterpiece.

WOLF HIDING is brought to you by Malaysia Distributor Lotus Five Star with marketing partner Infinity Entertainment Marketing. Be prepared for an action-packed, dark crime thriller that not only delivers raw and exhilarating fight scenes but also promises more surprises as new materials are unveiled. WOLF HIDING is set to hit Malaysian screens on 22nd December 2023 – mark your calendars for an adrenaline high experience!

Movie Synopsis

Amid the transfer of power at the Hongtai Group, which wields influence in both the lawful and unlawful worlds, a mysterious assassin named Chen An suddenly enters this vortex of confusion and throws the Hongtai Group into chaos. Mai Longwen from the police and Ma Wenkang from the gangs both have their eyes on him… Various forces are waiting for the opportunity to strike. Who is the mastermind behind the scenes? A fierce battle is about to break out.